Aktuelle Kursternine...

Die Frühlings-Kurstermine sind da !!!

Es gibt wieder von allem etwas:
Krokus-Filzallerlei, Österliches, Nunoschals, Erdbeerschalen, Rosen und Pfingstrosen, Filigrane Ketten, Offene Filzwerkstatt, Kinderfilzallerlei während der Faschingsferien (Handytaschen)...

Schaut auf den jeweiligen Seiten einfach mal vorbei !!! (klick, klick)

Kurse in der WollFühlFactory

Ich freue mich auf Euch!!!


  1. Hello. I have admire you felting creation since seeing your in the German Felt Mag. I just discovered your lovely blog.. Is there anyway you could add Google Translator on your blog so we could read your blog in different languages.. Thanks for consideration. Hugs Judy

    1. Dear Judy,
      earlier I translated all posts myself but stopped this last year as my time was so tight and myself in a bad shape. I honnestly considered to start translating it again and your comment encouraged me to do so. Thank you so much for following my blog and for your compliments and greetings to you here from Bavaria, Angelika

  2. Hello Angelika, If you go to my blog cjstitchigandblooms.blogspot.com on the right side of my blog scroll down to JOIN THIS SITE and just below this you will see the words, "Google Translate" just below this you will see "Select A Language" and just below this are words that say, "POWER BY GOOGLE TRANSLATOR" .. If you click on these last words Power by Google Translator you can add this wiget to your blog like I have.. Very easy to do.. Then when you have visitor to your blog all they need to do is select a language and Google translator will do this automatically for you. YOU do not have to do this anymore google translator will do it for you.. Any question about this please ask.. Thanks